Why Turmeric & Black Pepper capsules?

Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is often praised for reducing pain and discomfort. Black pepper has also shown anti-inflammatory properties and helps desensitize a specific pain receptor in the body, which can further reduce feelings of discomfort.

When combined, Turmeric and black pepper are a powerful inflammation-fighting duo that can help reduce discomfort and pain. Both turmeric and black pepper have been shown to enhance the activity of digestive enzymes in the gut, which helps the body process food more quickly and easily.

A major factor why black pepper is combined with turmeric is because black pepper enhances turmeric’s absorption in the body hence making a turmeric food supplement even more beneficial.

Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years to help with digestion, modern studies support its use, showing that it can help reduce gut spasms and flatulence.

Turmeric has become one of the most well researched food supplement and scientists have found a plethora of benefits for human body. Turmeric is a potent anti-oxidant, can help with brain and memory function, is a great choice of supplement to  improve heart health, protect body from free radicals, reduce fatigue and tiredness, promote youthful skin and support joint and muscle health.


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TURMERIC & BLACK PEPPER 750mg 90 Vegan Capsules

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