120:1 Grape Seed Extract 450mg Capsules equivalent to a massive 54000mg of Grape Seed in every capsule.

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Why Grapeseed Extract Capsules?


Grapeseed Extract (GSE) is made by removing, drying and pulverizing the seeds of grapes. It has been shown through scientific research to have a beneficial effect on blood pressure. In another experiment, researchers found that GSE alters the microbiota of the small intestine in a positive way. The consequence of this change is reduced fat-gain, improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.


Furthermore, in another research on 61 healthy subjects, researchers gave 0, 200 or 400mg GSE over the course of 12 weeks. After this time, they measured LDL-cholesterol levels. What was interesting, is that they found a significant reduction. Both compared to baseline levels as compared to a placebo control group. Finally, research also showed that GSE can improve bone density, mineral content and bone strength. This is due to the rich flavonoid contents of the supplement.


These are some of the many exciting effects GSE shows. It can support you in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and offer increased protection against insulin-insensitivity and aids in maintaining healthy body weight. Even if you decide to supplement on a less regular basis, you can still reap the benefits.


The Grapeseed Extract Capsules from Nutrics are packed in a pullulan shell with no added extras.


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GRAPE SEED EXTRACT 54000mg STRONG 30 Vegan Capsules

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